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Sylvia Nasser is a fitness professional, certified personal trainer with over a decade experience. She is also the creator of the national #irockthesportsbra body acceptance campaign. As a professional, Sylvia teaches HIIT, boxing, cycling, strength and conditioning, and is certified in Pilates and Yoga. From an extreme dieter and over-exerciser to a powerhouse of positivity, Sylvia's past relationship with fitness serves as a cautionary tale to women everywhere in their own journey to self-love. A boxing enthusiast, influencer, mother to her daughter living with Cystic Fibrosis, Lupus warrior, and self-proclaimed badass, Sylvia strives to empower women to face their fears, let go of judgements, and celebrate every step of their personal fitness journey. She’s been featured in Shape, Thrive, Medium, PopSugar, Well+Good, NBCNews, InStyle and more.

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